Painted Stork

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The painted stork could be a large aquatic bird in the stork family. Scientific name of the bird is “Mycteria leucocephala“.


painted stork aquatic bird

A large stork with a long yellow bill that curves down at the tip resembling an wading bird. The adults have a yellow-orange mask and pinkish legs. The feather is primarily white with black striped markings on the wings. The tail tips are black with bright pink on tertials. These storks usually fly with their head and neck drooping almost at or below the belly level. often seen close to water bodies such as wetlands, marshes, and flooded agricultural fields.

painted stork aquatic bird

The painted stork also known as the “Janghli or Dokh“l. Is very good at adapting to it’s natural Environment. Painting Stocks search for fish in shallow waters. With their bills they will open and shaking their heads back and forth, they are going to sometime use a wing to direct the fish toward their open bill. They nest in colonies with different stocks, ibises, spoonbills, cormorants and herons. Male stocks gather most of the sticks for nest building.

Painted storks aquatic bird enclose groups in shallow wetlands, crop fields and irrigation canals. the most success of finding prey was at 7 cm of water depth. They feed mainly on small fish which they sense by touch while slowly sweeping their half open bill from side to side while it held submerged. They walk slowly and also disturb the water with their feet to flush fish.They also take frogs and also the occasional snake.
The breeding season of painted storks begins within the winter months shortly after the monsoons. In northern India, the breeding season begins in mid-August while in southern India the nest initiation begins around October and continues till February and or maybe until April.

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