Spotted Owlet

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Owlet dark and nocturnal bird. The spotted owlet could be a small owl which breeds in tropical Asia from mainland india. It’s scientific name is ” Athene brama “. A common resident of open habitats together with farmland and human habitation, it’s adapted to living in cities.

Owlet dark and nocturnal bird.


The spotted owlet may be a little and stocky bird, barely 21 cm (8.3 inch) in size. A small uncrested owl with a spherical head and a short tail. it’s grayish-brown overall with white spots above while its underparts are white with brown bars. Note the distinctive white eyebrows and neck-band. Often active at dawn and nightfall when it utters a loud “chirurr-chirurr-chirurr” laugh in addition to a range of high-pitched squeals and whistles.

Owl like bird

Habits & Foods:

Owlet dark and nocturnal bird is generally dark and nocturnal but sometime seen by day. Roosts by day in trees hole or on branch may roost in pairs or small groups. Flight is deeply undulating, consisting of a few rapid flaps followed by a glide with wings pressed to the body.

Food mainly preys upon beetles, moths and different insects. Also takes earthworms, lizards,mice and small birds. Sometime hunts from a perch, pouncing on prey but sometime takes insects on the wing. Often uses street lamps as hunting bases,hawking insects attracted to the lights.

Breeding :

The breeding season is November to April. Courtship behaviour includes bill grasping, allopreening and ritual feeding. the female may call with the male, bob head and deflecting their tail in invitation.
They nest in cavities often competing with other hole-nesters such as mynas. they will also nest in holes in vertical embankments.

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