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Hunting or hunter is story about your natural abilities. There is nobody in this world that has born without natural abilities. Everybody is born with his or her natural abilities and want to believe that ability.


The hunter Or hunting is Story about Great and renowned circus of Kolkata..
One and a half-two artists and a half-two artists..
Ten Tigers among fifty animals..
Increased in the government since childhood..
Over time, the circus has become disappear.
Animals and animals became impossible for the government’s owners..
Finally decided to take ten tigers into the jungle of Bengal. This is the one who is the one who is the
As it is decided, the tigers were closed in the train and left the tigers in the truck and released the tigers in the jungle.

On the eighth day I found seven out of ten Tigers of wild dogs have been killed by the wild dogs..
The Tigers that were left for life, they forgot to hunt the dead meat every day.
When they understood that we can’t live without hunting dogs in the jungle, they became the best hunter and hunt tigers to fill their stomach.
This is what we have..
We should be roaming around for life without the happiness of our own life…we forgot our ability.

As the wild dogs make sure we can’t live without a hunting and he becomes a coach hunter
Just like that ‘they  want to do is to me..’
This is why they make their own life with money and make their own life.
But sometimes they become a victim of someone else…
You Decide, should you make hunting or hunter….?

Believe in your abilities.

Your abilities never betray you.

It is only your abilities which lead you to your ultimate goal.

Your abilities are the source of your success.

work on our it…..and achieve your goal!

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