Green Bee Eater

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Green bee-eater killer of bees. The green bee-eater (the little/small green bee-eater) is a small species of bee-eater bird found throughout parts of Asia. Scientific name of the bird is Merops orientalis.

green bee-eater


Like alternative bee-eaters, this species could be a richly coloured, slender bird. It is about 9 inches (16–18 cm) long with about 2 inches made up by the elongated central tail-feathers. The sexes are not visually distinguishable. All feather is bright green.

The crown and upper back are colorful with golden rufous. The flight feathers rufous washed green colour with blackish. A fine black line runs in front of and behind the eye. The iris is crimson and the bill is black, the legs are dark gray. The feet are weak, 3 toes joined at the base.

Southeast Asian birds have rufous crown face, green underparts, Arabian beludschicus includes a green crown, blue face with light-blue underparts. The wings are green and the beak is black. The elongated tail feathers area unit absent in juveniles. Sexes are alike.The calls is a nasal trill tree-tree-tree-tree, usually given in flight

Interesting Facts:

green bee-eater.
green bee-eater

1.Green bee-eater has very long, pointed bill, slender body and wings and long tail.
2.Green bee-eater is active throughout the day (diurnal bird).
Green bee-eater hunts and chow different types of flying insects like honey bees, grasshoppers, fruit flies, ants and wasps. Name “bee-eater” refers to the favourite sort of food of this species – bees.

3.Green bee-eater knows how to “disarm” dangerous prey. It removes stinger and eliminates venom by hitting and rubbing a bee against the branch.
4.Green bee-eater is natural-born killer of bees. Even juvenile birds that have not encountered bees in their life savvy to perform this procedure.
5.Green bee-eater roosts on the branches in the teams of 30 to 300 birds. It often baths to remove sand to get rid of parasites and excess oil from the feather.
6.Green bee-eaters communicate with each other via soft, trill calls and short alarm calls.
7.Mating season of green bee-eaters takes place from March to June.
8.Green bee-eaters nest in the colonies of 10 to 30 pairs of birds.
9.Female lays 4 to 8 eggs in 2 weeks. Each male and female take part within the incubation of eggs.

10. Green bee-eater can survive 12 to 18 years in the wild

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