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Failure is the part of your life. If there is life, there is failure too. If there is life, there is success too. You never Success and failure are like the two sides of a same coin, where there is success there is failure too.



Failure is a only a momentary, It’s a Temporary.

No doubt, It bends your road, But it can’t block your road.

Even success is not permanent, You need your temperament.

Your hope is your golden ray, Show you your hidden way.

Don’t cry, Never say die.

Believe yourself, Work yourself.

Try to get up…!

Try to rise up…!

Failure person Story:-

When Thomas Alva Edison failed many times in is experiments, at that time one of his friends asked him,”You failed so many times, why don’t you stop your experiments”?

In reply Thomas Alva Edison said,”I found a Thousand of new ways in my every failure.”

All the great legends in the history of mankind are great failures in their life in respective fields in their initial endeavours; but they never gave up, they kept trying while learning new lesson and gaining experiences from their bitter failures.

The best part of your failure is to learn new lessons and gain new experiences from it, and improve yourself further. If you fear of failure, you’ll never do anything right in your life. You’ll never learn anything in your life.

Why Failure is Important:-

We learn from failure not from success.

Failure in life important, it make us prefect.

We should learn good lessons from your failures.

Earn Experiences from your failures.

Gain knowledge from your failures.

Find out new ideas from your failures.

Discover new solutions from your failures.

The only failure is when you say, “I give up!”

Though ?

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