Linux Operating System

What is the Linux?

   Linux is an open source operating system. Just like Mac, windows, iOS. The operating system management the communication between Software and the Hardware.

History of the Linux:

  In 1991, Linus Torvalds create a personal free operating system kernel. First he wanted to name it as ‘Freax’ but later it become ‘Linux’.

  In 1996 a team of developers of the Bell labs started a project to make a common software for all the computers and named as ‘Unix’.

  Initially, Unix was only found in large organization government, university, micro-computer etc.

Linux Architecture:-

Linux  Operating system Architecture
Architecture of the Linux


      Hardware consists of all physical devices attached to the system. Eg. Hard disk, drive, RAM, Motherboard, CPU etc.


     Kernel is the Heart of Linux operating System. It is the core part of the system which is directly interacts with the hardware.


       Shell is the interface which takes input from the users and send to the kernel. It take output from the kernel and send to the result back to output shell.


      These are the utility programs which run on shell. This can be any application like web browsers, media player, text editor etc.

Advantages of Linux Operating system:

  • The main advantage of the Linux is it an open sources means the source code is easily available for everyone.
  • In term of security Linux is more secure than any other Operating system.
  • Software updates are easy and frequent.
  • It maintain the privacy of users.
  • Linux is compatible with large numbers of file formats.
  • It easy and fast to install from the web. It can also install in any hardware even in your old computer system.
  • Linux performance all tasks properly even if it has limited space on the hard disk.
  • It doesn’t require any anti- virus software.

Dis-Advantages of Linux Operating system:

  • Linux is not much user friendly, so it may be confusing for beginners.
  • It has small peripheral hardware drivers as compared to windows.

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